Who We Support

Calling Tennessee Home believes in impacting people through community. We do this by leveraging monies earned from the sell of our products to directly support non-profit organizations that are bringing positive social change. 

Our premier community partner is Back2Basics Outdoor Ministries. 

Back2Basics believes in inspiring others by practicing Christian values in the great outdoors which results in positive life experiences.

Their great commission is to reach the unreached, educate the curious, motivate the committed, and inspire the convicted towards discipleship. It’s our obligation as Christians to spark an individual’s inner desire of wanting to make a difference by impacting their lives. One of Back2Basics’s focus areas in achieving this is through relationship building which sharpens discipleship skillsets naturally.

Local Recipients

National Recipients

Other Organizations We Endorse

Do you know of a community building non-profit we should consider support? Send us the details to barrelagedcreations@gmail.com.