3 Affordable Espresso Pods That Make Great Lattes

Finding the right espresso pods to make your own lattes at home can sure add up. That’s why I’ve done the taste testing [and lots of trial & error] for you!

3 affordable espresso pods that make great lattes, calling tennessee home
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For the longest time, the grocery stores didn’t even carry Nespresso compatible pods. This took my search for a good yet affordable espresso capsule online and well, to one of the easiest places to get anything & everything delivered of course, Amazon!

Over the past 6 years, I’ve made more than my fair share of coffee and espresso drinks at home. That also means going through countless Nespresso pods. While I’ve certainly discovered some deals on espresso pods and splurged for what seemed to be a single batch, gourmet roasted Nespresso compatible pods… most come up short.

How espresso capsules flunked out to no longer get reordered is due to their inconsistency in brewing, their inability to properly fit in my Nespresso Lattissima or making it hard to close, and ultimately taste. 

Taste is a hard one because I was looking for a coffee pod that would be bold yet smooth; it needed to have a dark roast flavor without being acidic or having citrus notes.

cheap nespresso pods that actually taste good, calling tennessee home

Best Espresso Pods for Lattes

Here are the three espresso pods that made the cut for my original line Nespresso maker! It’s worth mentioning that two of them are organic which is HUGE being that conventional coffee is one of the most chemical laden foods we consume. 

1. Most Affordable Espresso Pod – Cafe La Llave

Cafe La Llave espresso pods have been a staple in our home due to their affordability and consistency in brewing. These espresso capsules are compatible with original line Nespresso machines making and brew a great shot of espresso every time.

2. Dark Roast Organic Nespresso Pod – Don Francisco’s

Every so often I switch up the espresso pods we’ve been using and Don Francisco’s was the second brand (after Cafe la llave) that we started reordering. Don Francisco’s Family Reserve espresso capsules are compatible with original line Nespresso machines and they are organic!

3. Arabica Organic Italian Espresso Pod – Equine Coffee

After several hundred pods of the Don Francisco’s espresso pods, I thought it was time for a change. THESE EQUINE COFFEE ESPRESSO PODS ARE MY FAVORITE TO DATE! Did I mention in the video review these are actually aluminum pods? That’s right, these are the closest I’ve seen to actual Nespresso capsules.

Once you choose one of the espresso capsules you want to try in your Nespresso machine, don’t forget to add it to your Save & Subscribe to save up to 15%!

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