Easter Dinner

Easter time is always smashed between other more important worldly holidays like spring break & Mother’s Day, and becomes overlooked. It’s time to make Easter special again. It’s all starts with why, and that goes back to our mission of “creating community one bite at a time“. Let’s honor Easter with a thoughtful Easter dinner. 

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Why We Celebrate Easter Dinner

Easter is a time we honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s a time of year we as Christians, specifically set aside days to remember why Jesus came and what He did for us. If you aren’t familiar with why God created a version of himself to be human, to suffer as we humans do, let us tell you. Jesus came to personally carry away all of your sins. He came to save you.

If someone came to save your life, you’d you want to thank them? You would probably do everything in your power to repay them for saving your life. The hardest questions to ponder though is, would you ever forget what they did for you? Let’s hope not. Remembering is exactly what we are doing at Easter. At Easter, we remember how Jesus knew he was going to be brutally punished and killed AND He still chose to accept that fate for you. 

If your life was saved, wouldn’t you want to share the story of who saved you, how you were saved, and when you were saved? During Easter dinner, you have the opportunity to do just that with your friends and family. It’s a perfect invitation to invite someone who doesn’t know Jesus to learn of Him.

We understand this seems overwhelming to even contemplate doing…inviting people over to tell them about Jesus. It’s not always about speaking to people as much as it is showing them the love that Jesus has showed you. Both are important. If you seriously feel like you can’t, ask God to speak through you. After prayer, sometimes the best thing we over-thinkers can do is to become more knowledgable. Being an expert is not required, only an eagerness to know God. Assuming you are anything like us, try reading The Case for Easter by Lee Strobel.

What to Make For Easter Dinner

Now that you’re committed to honoring Easter, what do you cook? To get you started with a simple dinner menu, we’ve listed some of our favorite dinner ideas for you to use. Since not everyone is into traditional options, we’ve given you TWO different Easter dinner menu ideas. 

So that is a lot of cooking, if you do it all yourself. Pick one or two recipes to focus on this Easter dinner to mix-up your normal routine. You might even find yourself wanting to incorporate the other recipes during weekend dinners or when you have guests. Go for it! These are not restrictive to Easter. 

How to Decorate for Easter Dinner

At this point you’re probably eager to get cooking — so are we. Let’s discuss the presentation of your dinner and discussion. Can we be real for a second. The taste matters, but how your guests perceive what’s being placed in front of them to eat goes a long way in truly enjoying a meal. 

As Americans, we sit down at the table to eat and eat we do. If you are bound to use this dinner as a chance to build on your relationships with your family and friends, take a few moments to make it an inviting setup. 


This doesn’t need to be a complicated ordeal! The first thing we recommend is to gather Easter items you might have around your home. Look for extra eggs, bunny items, large and small vases, and colorful accents or dish towels. At this point, Pinterest is your best friend. You can search for simple table scapes or floral arrangements. We love to buy several different types of flowers and use a grid to create beautiful custom arrangements. If you are a mason jar lover, you can use a frog top lid for more petite arrangements.

Here’s one arrangement that used a flower grid. You can see how the lilies really filled in the voids once opened. 


Residing in Florida has it’s benefits. When we aren’t able to run to the nearest store for bunches of flowers, we use what’s in our backyard. Tropical flowers & leaves, or a few palm leaves will make a stunning center piece. Get creative! Greenery can be just as pretty as colorful buds.

Sometimes, we too, resort to tossing out all of our best intentions of decorating and opt for cute spring table accents & napkins. It’s only human!

What to Put in Easter Baskets

You probably thought you were finished with your Easter experience after the decorating. And you might be, if you don’t have little ones or the desire to put together Easter baskets this year. 

This step is definitely optional. You should feel free in giving, even Easter goodies, not burdened or obligated to. 

bourbon_barrel_aged_maple_syrup_whiskey_barrel_aged_maple_syrup_easter_2_table_decor_inspo_leaf_kisses_flowers_easter_basket_wood_grass_pink_teal_robins_egg_blue_bunny copy

If you’re making Easter baskets for adults, you know how hard this becomes. It’s like those dreaded Christmas stockings. What do you put in them?! A creative, unquie gift would be barrel aged maple syrup. From there it’s easy to toss in a few pieces of candy or grilling tools. Between Memorial Day, the summer, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, those tools + this barrel aged maple syrup is sure to be a hit!

For grilling or BBQ, our go-to flavors would be Bourbon and Whiskey. The serious grill master or foodie will thank you for snagging them a bottle of the coffee barrel aged maple syrup. Maybe this basket isn’t meant for too many sweet treats; we recommend going with the whiskey aged sriracha, if they can tolerate spicy! [The sriracha pairs well with the bourbon maple.]

Easter dinner is a way to build community. What might start out as a normal meal, can be transformed into a cherished moment. How are you going to make Easter special again? 

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