NEW Fall Flavors are Here

Sweater weather typically screams pumpkin spice everything; we’ve taken a different approach to fall: apples. With the start of fall comes our NEW fall flavors. 

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Your traditional fall activities might include grabbing a PSL before strolling the local pumpkin patch. This year we decided to change it up a bit to remind everyone that fall’s not only about the pumpkins!

Fall ushers in a whole new selection of produce to choose from; apples, winter squashes, sweet root vegetables, brussels sprouts and more. These fruits & veggies are some of the best to pair with barrel aged maple syrup. You could even say fall produce and maple syrup really make up most of all the holiday flavors. 

Fall Flavors

It’s already been stated, however apples are plentiful right now. Did you realize how many apple varieties the grocery store doesn’t carry? Corland, Mutsu, Stayman, and Cameo are just a few varieties that you’ll have to venture out to find. 

With apples on the brain, we paired our sweet tree sap with apple spirits for an incredible fall lineup. [Black cherry isn’t a true fall flavor, however we have been waiting for the right time to release this amazing syrup.]

100% pure maple syrup aged in a caramel apple bourbon barrel. This flavor of barrel aged syrup is perfect when paired with pork chops, squashes, apples, & ice cream!

100% pure maple syrup aged in an apple cinnamon whiskey barrel. This bold flavor of barrel aged syrup is excellent for pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, & desserts!

100% pure maple syrup aged in a black cherry bourbon barrel. The cherry flavor of this barrel aged syrup is ideal for BBQ meats, sweet vegetables, or as a natural sweetener!

Fall Cooking

All three flavors, Caramel Apple – Apple Cinnamon – Black Cherry, will greatly enhance your fall dishes. We are eager to get in the kitchen to pair these fall flavors with pork, ham, winter veggies, and yes, apples too! If you have dishes you’d love to see or share that you’ve made, we would love to see them! Send your suggestions and recipes to

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