Cast Iron Brussels Sprouts

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What could be better than bacon & brussels sprouts…mmmh. Cast iron brussels sprouts incorporate new flavors of orange cranberries and bourbon maple syrup to take them over the top. Or was it the addition of goat cheese that did it?

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Cast Iron Brussels Sprouts

Stovetop brussels sprouts cooked in a cast iron skillet with pecans, cranberries, and maple syrup.

Servings: 4 

Total Time: 30 Minutes


Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

100% pure maple syrup aged in small batch bourbon barrels for up to 18 months!


  1. Add bacon to cast iron skillet on medium heat. Cook for 5-7 minutes. 

  2. To bacon, add brussels sprouts, cranberries, pecans, broth, and salt & pepper. 

  3. Cook until brussels sprouts are slightly softened, approximately 15 minutes. 

  4. Drizzle with maple syrup and toss. Continue cooking for 2-5 minutes until brussels sprouts are soft. 

Pro Tips

  1. Top with goat cheese prior to serving.

  2. Omit bacon for vegetarian/vegan option. 

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