Balsamic Green Beans with Almonds

Week after week, our green bean game got old. That’s why we branched out with these balsamic green beans! 

So many of you kept telling us we needed to the bourbon maple on green beans. Since our sweet + savory doesn’t always align, we brought you a tangy + savory flavor instead. These balsamic green beans use a thick & sweet aged bourbon balsamic vinegar that pairs well with or without the almonds. If your taste buds favor a tangier flavor, toss a little feta cheese on top — delish!

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Balsamic Green Beans with Almonds Recipe

Toss your ordinary green beans with bourbon balsamic vinegar for a tasty twist. 

Servings: 4

Total Time: 15 Minutes


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Bourbon Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar of Modena Italy aged in small batch bourbon barrels for up to 18 months!

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