10 Healthy Road Trip Snacks for Adults

Having taken 100’s, if not 1,000’s of road trips, I’m finally sharing my top 10 healthy road trip snacks that everyone will enjoy!

10 healthy road trip snacks for adults, calling tennessee home, the tennessee mom
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My husband and I never set out to road trip for adventure, we actually started driving across the country out of necessity for our business. That then turned into lots of trips back and forth from Florida to Tennessee. 

After having spend days and days and way too many hours in the car, I finally have packing down to a science and that includes the snacks that are packed. [Keep in mind the snacks I’m about to share don’t require a cooler however we always travel with one.]

What are the best road trip snacks?

The best road trip snacks should be a mix of filling, protein, fruit or vegetables, and have a ‘junk’ food component. 

Even though I’m sharing healthy road trip snacks, I’ve added several we always pack that have the essence of being junk while actually being good-for-you.

These snacks are just that – snacks. They may keep you full between meals or let you skip a meal if you just cannot bear an extra stop that day. We all have days like that… just get me there already!

10 healthy road trip snack ideas for adults, calling tennessee home, the tennessee mom, road trip snack ideas

10 Healthy Road Trip Snack Ideas

Here’s my round up for some of my all-time favorite healthy road trip snacks. Yes, I even included a candy option if you have a sweet tooth like me!

1. Nut butter packs like this smooth almond butter from Barney Butter 

2. 100% fruit leather, especially these 2 ingredient That’s It bars

3. Simple, real & few ingredient Larabars

4. Super food smoothie pouches, Noka for the win

5. Grass fed, no sugar added beef sticks like Chomps

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6. Coconut chips in sweet or savory with Dang

7. Easy to eat fruit – top picks are apples, bananas, pears, plums, peaches, nectarines

8. Snack sized trail mix that comes in a variety pack such as Nature’s Garden

9. Cheese crisps with several flavors like Whisps

10. Low sugar candy treats, these gummy candy from SmartSweets

10 healthy road trip snack ideas for adults, calling tennessee home, the tennessee mom, health snacks for road trips

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