Non Candy Valentine Ideas for Toddlers

Wanting to gift your child with something for Valentine’s Day, but aren’t into giving candy? Here’s your for non-candy valentine ideas for toddlers that they will love!

non-candy valentine ideas for toddlers, calling tennessee home
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Pretty much every item on the list we already own and if not, we have tried it… and that means it’s on our wish list for next time.

While there’s nothing wrong with edible or candy gifts for Valentine’s Day, there are reasons some tend to look for alternatives to the traditional Valentine’s candy hearts.

We’ve experienced first hand what food allergies are like with kids and thats enough for us to put list together for people looking for non-candy Valentine’s gifts like you! 

Non Edible Valentine Gift Ideas for Kids

I’ll admit, pairing down this list of non-candy valentine ideas for toddlers was really hard. There are actually SO MANY great options out there for kids, yet we often over look them. 

  1. books – reading is one of the best learning opportunities you can give your toddler
  2. art supplies –  think crayons, colored pencils, wasabi tape, coloring books, construction paper
  3. bubbles – what kid doesn’t love these
  4. pajamas – I don’t understand it either, they just love new ones
  5. cooking apron – helping you in the kitchen fosters learning
  6. puzzles – the big chunky wooden ones
  7. chalk – you are probably constantly replacing this already
  8. cuddle doll – boys & girls equally like soft toys they pretend caring for
  9. cookie cutters – the smaller ones are perfect for getting pickier toddlers to eat
  10. bubble bath – baths become magical as soon as bubbles form
  11. learning toys – wood toys for either open or closed play

What’s your pick for best non-edible Valentine’s Day gift idea for toddlers?

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non-candy valentine ideas for toddlers, calling tennessee home, non-candy v-day gifts for kids

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