Don’t Expect Your Toddler To Do These 4 Things

Toddlers are complicated little creatures. They demand respect while still needing you for most everything and that’s why I never make my toddler do these things. 

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While these things might sound silly at first, there are bigger reasons as to why my toddler doesn’t have to do them. 

All sorts of childhood experts mention that 0-3 years is the most impressionable time for children and that’s exactly why these things my toddler doesn’t have to do are so important!

My Toddler Does Not Have To

1. Hug or kiss, even family members
While you may want your kid to hug their grandparents goodbye, I prefer to have my toddler make that decision because he’s learning about consent over his body. If he chooses to hug or kiss someone, it’s 100% his choice.

2. Eat everything on his plate before getting another type of food
Well, this one is two fold. Toddlers can be picky eaters or if you are introducing new foods, there may be times they will not eat a particular food but are hungry. It can help toddlers list to their body for what they need AND if you have a child that needs to gain weight, any restricting factor can make the task of gaining difficult.

3. Act like someone else’s child
Your child is uniquely designed and it is impossible for them to be like another child. When we start comparing our kid to someone else’s kid we lose sight of all the good traits that they have.

4. Share anything
Toddlers may have their moments where they do share food or toys however they still don’t understand the concept of sharing yet.

What things do you not make your toddlers do?

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Toddler, Don't Expect Your Toddler To Do These 4 Things, calling tennessee home

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