15 Swoon Worthy Firewood Log Holders for the Modern Home

Try picking just one favorite after seeing these 15 swoon worthy firewood log holders that are perfect for any modern home! We found a couple favs, too. 

15 Swoon Worthy Firewood Log Holders for the Modern Home
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15 Log Holders that are Beautiful and Functional

Since every home is different, even those that fall into the modern category, we’ve separated these 15 firewood log holders into three basic categories for you. Find the perfect log storage for your home with this list of stunning round log holders, vertical log holder, and small log holders.

Round Firewood Storage

Round Log Holder with Shelf

Minimalist Scandinavian design with one solid sheet metal shelf for kindling. A stylish and functional accessory for any modern fireplace.

Timber Loop Round Long Holder

Handcrafted of iron with antiqued zinc finish, industrial drum gathers kindling, elevated just off the ground on angled legs.

Iron Log Holder with Wooden Handle

Round log holder with a wooden handle lets you easily carry wood in from the outdoors or even from the garage to the fireplace.

Circle Frame Modern Log Holder

A log holder where form meets function with its sturdy flat bottom and double round frame top. 

U-Shaped Log Holder

The perfect open log holder for any fireplace or fire pit to store fire wood. The rack is completely removable for easy assembly and disassembly.

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Vertical Log Storage

Frame Iron Log Holder

A practical statement piece for storing firewood. This durable log holder is crafted from durable iron with a single compartment for holding logs of different shapes and sizes.

Vertical Log Holder with Round Kindling Section

Firewood storage that works indoors or outdoors with a round kindling section. Made from hand forged durable iron.

Pyramid Log Holder

Clean lined, pyramid frame log storage made from hand forged metal. 

Vertical Frame Firewood Log Storage

Space saving design with this simple frame firewood holder. Four dividers separate rowed-up logs into manageable stacks, for easy stacking and access to firewood.

Lodge Frame Log Holder

Haus like framed log holder that doesn’t distract from the natural aesthetic of the firewood. 

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Small Firewood Holders

Curved Minimalist Wood Holder

Small size with big design! Display your logs as a piece of art near your fireplace with this log holder. 

Diamond Firewood Storage Box

A log holder with minimalist Scandinavian design. It’s a stylish and functional accessory for a modern fireplace.

Bent Steel Log Holder

Forged from a single piece of steel, this firewood log holder is a work of art of its own.

Mid-Century Modern Log Carrier

With a simple streamlined design, this modern log carrier is perfect for both firewood and kindling. 

Small Log Holder with Angled Sides

Accent your modern fireplace with this small steel log holder that has angled frame sides. 

15 Swoon Worthy Firewood Log Holders for the Modern Home, Calling Tennessee Home (2)

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