Quick & Easy DIY Christmas Card Display

If you’ve ever been challenged with how to display your Christmas cards, you’re not alone. Here’s a simple DIY Christmas card display to help you out!

Quick & Easy DIY Christmas Card Door Display, Calling Tennessee Home
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For years, holiday cards have been transitioning from folded to single page cards making it challenging to stand them up. Every year, I attempt to balance the new style Christmas cards against the old ones – they usually topple pretty quick.

While this wasn’t originally a DIY Christmas card display idea that came from Pinterest, you can certainly find some on there!

How to Make a DIY Christmas Card Display

This Christmas card holder is super easy and quick to put together and bonus: you probably have all or most of the materials already at home.

Here’s how to make the holiday card display:

  1. make a cross with the ribbon (tie behind)
  2. make a large bow & attach it to the other ribbon with twine
  3. use the clips to add your holiday cards

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Quick & Easy DIY Christmas Card Door Display, Calling Tennessee Home

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