4 Things Every Busy Mom Needs

If you’re a mom, you know that busy comes with the title of Mama. Today I’m sharing a few things that make like a little less hectic as a busy mom. 

4 things busy moms cannot live without, calling tennessee home, the tennessee mom blog
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Busy Mom Life

Being a busy mom means having this feeling of never quite getting done what you had set out to do. While you know you don’t want to spare a moment with your littles while they are just that, little, sometimes we absolutely must get things like work done.

There are lots of services you can hire to do anything these days you don’t want to spend time doing, however here are 4 things you can easily integrate into your normal routine that will save you some time [and money too!].

What Every Busy Mom Needs

Every busy mom could benefit from using these four things to lessen a little bit of their daily burden. Let’s check them out!

#1 Good Concealer

There are a lot of days where spending the time to put on a full or even partial face of makeup isn’t realistic. Even if that 5, 10, 15+ minutes could be used to apply makeup, there’s also probably a better place to be. 

The best fresh face tool to keep & apply is a good concealer. 

I’ll never forget one of the first baby appointments we went to with our son. The pediatrician made a comment about how it looked like we hadn’t been sleeping… we weren’t, but not applying a bit of concealer made the comment stick even more. 

It only takes 30 seconds to apply concealer to get a more ‘awake’ face that’s ready for the day.

Here’s one full coverage concealer that I like.

4 must haves for busy moms, calling tennessee home, the tennessee mom blog
#2 Menstrual Cup

Yes, I went there. The thought of a reusable menstrual cup sounded like that last thing I would ever use until one of my sweet friends convinced me to give it a try. 

Here’s how a period cup is going to save you time mama – you’ll spend less time shopping, looking for, stocking, and using disposable period products. AND the best part is most cup manufactures state that it’s safe to only empty them twice a day!

This is also one of those products that ends up paying for themselves in no time.

Here’s a menstrual cup that’s perfect for newbies. 

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Must Haves for Busy Moms

#3 Quick Lattes

Easy should also be in the title somewhere… Busy moms could benefit from using a one step latte making machine! 

With a push of a button, you can make your hot or iced latte in no time. I’ve been using one of these machines for almost 7 years now and cannot say enough good things about it. 

If you’re a busy mom that runs of coffee, using an espresso maker at home will also save you money in the long run. Say goodbye to those $6+ drinks from the drive thru and hello savings!

This is the newer version of the espresso machine I use daily to make my lattes. 

#4 Amazon Prime

I almost skipped sharing this because it’s not a product, but a service however there’s so much more to Amazon Prime than shopping! We do love our free shipping & returns though.

After my son was born, Amazon Fresh was a life saver to have groceries delivered without the hassle of physically going to the store for pickup or signing up for yet another subscription service.

Some other cool things we use pretty much daily that’s included with Prime are streaming movies & shows, listening to music, and taking advantage unlimited photo storage because what mom doesn’t have 10,000 photos and counting of their kids sitting in their phone right now.

Amazon Prime does a whole lot more for your too – check out all the benefits of becoming a Prime Member.

Tell us in the comments below: What’s your #1 product or service every busy mom needs?

busy moms are in love with these 4 things, calling tennessee home, the tennessee mom blog

We love hearing and seeing what things you think busy moms need. Share your additions and photos with us! Send them here.

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