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Cranberry Orange Blender Muffins

Most of us have fond childhood memories enjoying of all those pre-packaged, uber processed snacks like the Little Bites muffins. These cranberry orange blender muffins are a great clean & healthy, adult alternative to eating "junk food" for breakfast. PS - kids love them too! This post contains affiliate links....Read More
Slow Cooker Apple Pie Oatmeal, Calling Tennessee Home, Breakfast Recipe, Maple Syrup, Apple Cinnamon, Easy Breakfast Recipe

Slow Cooker Apple Pie Oatmeal

Chilly weather leads us to crave warm, cozy comfort foods. Go ahead and make yourself a batch of this Apple Pie Oatmeal to soothe your winter blues. This post contains affiliate links. For more information, visit the disclosure page. Everyone has a preference when it comes to oatmeal. Some like it...Read More
apple cinnamon baked oatmeal recipe, Calling Tennessee Home, bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, barrel aged maple syrup, maple syrup, recipe, breakfast recipe, apple

Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal

Ditch your meteocre microwaved oats for a piping hot bowl of apple cinnamon baked oatmeal. At first, the title might give you the feeling you're about to do a whole lot more work making the same version of those brand named pre-packaged instant oats. One glance at the ingredients should...Read More
boozy chicken & waffle slider recipe, Calling Tennessee Home, bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, breakfast

Boozy Chicken & Waffle Sliders

When company surprises you, make these boozy chicken & waffle sliders. With little effort, you can throw together a memorable breakfast in no time. One reason this recipe is so great is because you can keep all the items on hand (or in the freezer) for months on end until...Read More