5 Everyday Paleo Recipes that’ll Remind You of the Holidays

Since there just aren’t enough holiday, days in the year to satisfy our cravings for festive foods, we’ve compiled FIVE everyday paleo recipes that will remind you of the holidays. 

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Holiday foods bring us a sense of cheer and comfort. These foods evoke feelings of joy that only come periodically throughout the year. If holiday foods are feel good foods, why aren’t we enjoying them everyday? 

Discover how these five paleo recipes below will help you incorporate a little bit of holiday cheer into your everyday life. 

Five Everyday Paleo Recipes

1. Maple Glazed Ham Steak

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Cooking a ham every week is definitely not ideal. Instead of reaching for a whole ham, grab a ham steak you can easily warm in a skillet. 

The best way to prepare your ham steak with a maple glaze is to warm it on medium heat. Drizzle 1-2 TBSP of bourbon or whiskey maple syrup on top, then let it simply melt into the ham until it starts to caramelize. 

Sounds like you might be having your favorite holiday ham on a regular occasion. 

We can tell you from experience, these brussels sprouts are the BEST, even if you don’t like brussels sprouts!

Serve them up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the real star of this dish is the bacon & maple combo. Who doesn’t love a dish with bacon? The maple that tastes like bourbon offers a light sweetness to counter what some people fear in brussels sprouts, the bitterness. 

Dress it up or dress it down, this paleo friendly brussels sprouts recipe makes a great starting point for your family to fall in love with them. Recipe here.

Sweet potato casserole is something we all day dream about. Those smooth to lumpy, heavenly sweet vegetables we love to eat. 

This recipe won’t take you overboard like their marshmallow topped counterpart; these are filled with stock, bacon, orange, and a little bourbon maple. The sweet & savory flavors leave your taste buds enlightened and satisfied. 

Trade in your baked, lackluster potatoes for this paleo friendly treat. Recipe here.

Asparagus might not make an appearance on everyone’s holiday dinner table, but green beans sure do. Bacon-wrapped asparagus is an everyday recipes that reminds us oh so much of those bacon-wrapped green bean bundles.

One great thing about these asparagus bunches is that they can be prepared in the oven or on the grill! Wait until the asparagus is about half of the way cooked on the grill before adding the maple bourbon syrup.

One unexpected outcome from preparing these is that you will be asked to do it again! Recipe here.

Pumpkin pie is the perfect ending to any holiday meal be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter. Since pie might not keep long in your house [because it’s devoured], swap it out for the frozen variety that can be stored cleverly in the freezer out of sight.

If you’re still searching for a little crunch, add chopped walnuts or pecans after churning. You’ll thank us later for this sweet addition. Recipe here.

We love hearing and seeing how this recipe turned out for you. Share your alternations, additions, and photos with us! Send them here.

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