Vintage Market Days™ Welcomes Barrel-Aging

Calling Tennessee Home made its debut at Vintage Market Days this past weekend during the West Atlanta event. Vintage Market Days of West Atlanta was held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway over three days. The event welcomed thousands of guests ready to take home vintage & vintage-inspired pieces to complete their perfect farmhouse look. 



What guests weren’t expecting this market was to taste something so delightful as a barrel-aged maple syrup! It is so much fun to place a tiny cup in their hand and to receive the never ending response of Is there anything in here?” at which point they hold the cup to their lips and within seconds exclaim “WOW!” because they have never experienced such an amazing taste in such a tiny taste.


Gift Sets

With Mother’s & Father’s Day right around the corner, we offered a special set of our ‘Sweet Heat‘ gift wrapped and ready to take home. These gift sets featured a regular bottle of Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup that was paired with a limited edition Whiskey Barrel Aged Sriracha bottle.

The gift sets were such a hit! One of the biggest reasons everyone loved these is because of their flexibility. The combination of the bourbon maple and the whiskey sriracha gives you THREE different ways to use the products; straight bourbon maple syrup, straight sriracha [if you like it really, really hot], and an option to mix the two till you get the perfect combination of spicy & sweet.

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Vintage Finds

There were so many great pieces to be found at the Vintage Market Days of West Atlanta event! 

Not everyone has the same type of house to furnish & decorate though. CC’s vintage find was one key piece for her new pad – bed with a face rest – aka a vintage wash tub. It might look like she’s isn’t quite loving it yet, but that’s mostly because we were disturbing her


Looking beyond the home, there were plenty of vintage & vintage-inspired clothing and accessories. If you love lace and old floral prints, this is the place for you. The fabrics were often light weight and there were plenty of layering pieces. 

Some of our favorite picks were in the accessories department. Have you seen or worn leather cutout earrings yet? These are sure to be a trend by the end of the year. 

Vintage Market Days Events

Missed us at the West Atlanta event? You can always grab a taste at the next one! Here’s a list of which Vintage Market Day events you can find us at:

Each link will provide you the details of the event and allow you to buy your tickets ahead of time. 


Ticket Giveaways

If you haven’t been following us on Facebook or Instagram, now’s the time to start! You’ll find ticket giveaways details for select events posted here. There’s no purchase required and entering the giveaway is very simple. Who doesn’t like free? 

The winner for two tickets to Vintage Market Days of West Atlanta was @mrsnataliegalloway!

Get Featured

Did you see us at this event? If you picked up a bottle or two, we’d love to see what you made with our barrel aged products. Send us your food photos to be featured!

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